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European exhibition travels to Denmark:


"3 x 3 x 3"

the photographic exhibition about sensuality, emotions and transformation

by European master photographers

Pascal Baetens, Jorgen Brandt, Martin Vrabko 




After the succesful exhibition in Bratislava's Galeria Z in March 2013, the unique 3 x 3 x 3 photo exhibition will travel to the beautiful Fuglsanghus, in Hørsholm, Denmark. The exhibition is the result of a two-year collaboration of three professional Master QEP* photographers from three different European countries.



At the International Congress of Photography in Lyon (France) in 2011, Pascal Baetens from Belgium, Jørgen Brandt from Denmark and Martin Vrabko from Slovakia decided to dedicate time to think, discuss and experiment photography together, without commercial intent.


Their wish to cooperate in communication with each other, lead to a project about sensuality and emotions. Three photographers agreed to meet in three locations for three days and to work under the same conditions, but each in their own style.


The first session was held in Lovenjoel, Belgium in June 2011. Later that year followed Copenhagen, Denmark and in Spring 2012 Bratislava, Slovakia. As three musketeers are always four, a fourth session led them back to Belgium.


The project involved about 30 women and almost each of them worked with every photographer, experiencing three different approaches, three different energies. The women were photographed in their natural beauty without clothes and make-up, with minimal photographic techniques, what allowed the authors to dig into the real depth of the female soul.


Video trailer for the show: http://vimeo.com/54383829



At this Bratislava exhibition, the creators themselves saw the results of their work for the first time, 75 photographs, 25 by each photographer, physically presented next to each other. It revealed the differences and similarities in their approaches, and lead to a renewed exchange of insights/ideas/initiatives. 


In Danish Fuglsanghus, the sets of photographs will be shown in 5 different rooms. Some previously unreleased images will be added to the 3 x 3 x 3 collection.



Pascal Baetens, Master QEP

Acquired the award Master QEP in 2008 and then became a board member of the Federation of European Professional Photographers, till 2010. Known for his art books about artistic nude photography such as "The Fragile Touch" (1999) and "Allegro sensibile" (2002). In 2007, issued a guide for photographers "Nude Photography: The Art and the Craft". Has an extensive program of lectures and workshops and a international list of exhibitions and publications. Since 2012, operates his own Salve Mater Art Gallery.


Jørgen Brandt, Master QEP

Actual president of the Federation of European Professional Photographers, Master QEP award holder and a member of BIPP. Chairman of the state of Denmark National Museum of Photography, Museet for Fotokunst. Lecturer in photography, exhibiting in many galleries and also caring father of two children. For Jørgen is photography a lifestyle and business together. Focuses on the individual photo, groups, weddings, artistic nudes and also on the Fine Art for creating his own exhibitions.


Martin Vrabko, Master QEP

Awarded the prestigious Master QEP by FEP and the “Leadership Awards in the field of portrait photography"," by The International Photography Council which operates under UN auspices, both in 2010. Since 2008, president of the Slovak Association of Professional Photographers SR (APFSR). Member of the Master QEP and QEP jury since 2009. Chairman of the jury of FEP's European Fine Art Photograph of the Year Award in 2011. Lectures and exhibits his work internationally at photographic forums and congresses photo. Runs a studio in the field of commercial and portrait photography in Slovakia.



* The Master Qualified European Photographer - "Master QEP" award is the highest recognition given by the Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP).

"The Federation of European Photographers (FEP), the central reference authority for professional photography in Europe, represents over 50.000 professional photographers in Europes.

FEP has established a set of European professional qualifications, the most distinguished of these being the Master Qualified Europen Photographer.

A Master QEP is a photographer who has achieved an exceptionally high standard, demonstrating exceptional technical and artistic excellence within the image making profession."


Currently 38 photographers hold this award all over Europe. 



- Fuglsanghus: telefon +45 76 53 30; bjn@c.dk
- 3x3x3 project (information and visuals): lucia@martinvrabko.com 

     Visit us on Facebook


Gammel Hovedgade 2, 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark
18th May - 16th June 2013 
   official opening reception: Sunday 19 May, 14:00 

Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00